The Cambium Project is a collective initiative among local arborists and artisans to help creative minds put new ideas into action. The concept stems from the most integral part of a tree’s physiology, ‘the cambium layer.’ This tiny layer is a growth point that separates the bark from the sapwood and is always changing. It continuously expands a trees girth and creates the annual rings we admire on a trees radial axis. The Cambium Project is also about growth. Its about sharing new ideas and approaches to our industry. Our direction is always progressing and evolving toward a greener, more efficient model. We are not just tree cutters or loggers. We are creative minded athletes who are dedicated to this industry. We believe staying ahead of the curve and educating local communities will help bring people closer to their environment.

What this means for us at Under The Bark is that we like to hang out with cool people. We surround ourselves with people that are as excited to learn as we are and we take advantage of opportunities to put new ideas into action. We attend conferences and seminars to stay up to date with the latest trends and technologies in our industry. We work with various organizations to accomplish communal objectives and we offer our products and services to local artists for independent projects.