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Wood Products & Services

Repurposing timber is an important and rewarding part of what we do. A lot of thought and care goes into salvaging quality saw logs and turning them into a usable product. Logs must be cut, sawn, and dried properly long before you can see the quality and value ingrained in each slab. Our arborists make sure to maximize every tree  by cutting  proper lengths, salvaging unique crotches and setting aside any burls. We stick and dry our lumber in solar kilns and measure their moisture content on a regular basis. If you have a project in mind, Under The Bark can help you get it done.

sycamore milled by Under The Bark
Made by Jeff Helm @ Wild Country Rustics, VT
(Sycamore Milled by Under The Bark)

Mobile Milling​

If you have quality saw logs and a project in mind, our portable Woodmizer can turn your logs into lumber with ease. This mill is a workhorse. Its thin kerf blades will maximixe your logs onsite with only a 30 min setup. Most of the logs salvaged from our tree removals become beautiful building materials. Larger mills will not take urban trees because of the potential for metal in them that will ruin their expensive blades. The blades of this bandsaw are much less expensive so we can take that risk. If you have a unique project in mind, a tree with sentimental value, or a mountain of logs you want to maximize, give us a call.

Large Custom Cuts

When it comes to unique projects, our Alaskan Mill is where it’s at. With a 6ft bar powered by a Stihl 880 chainsaw, the Alaskan mill can cut abnormally large slabs. We’ve cut 5ft wide maple slab table tops, large ‘Y’ cherry benches, hooked walnut desktops, and many other abnormal cuts. The beauty of this setup is that it’s light weight and can be carried to any large trunk in rough terrain. If you have a tree that is too big to move, we can carry it out one slab at at a time. More often than not, the giants we cut with this mill have some of the most unbelievable character and grain.

Our Solar Kiln

In order to create beautiful wood products, builders and furniture makers need quality wood but more importantly, they need dry wood. Ideally, indoor projects require a moisture content of 5-7 %. Drying wood to such a low moisture content can be difficult and lengthy depending on drying method. Air drying can be as long as one year (or longer) per inch of thickness. This can delay building projects and is why we’ve built a solar kiln, an efficient and ecofriendly drying room with a monitored climate control. The average drying time for one inch red oak is around 6- 8 weeks.

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